The Origin Path

So now, it’s time to create your Origin path, the background that forged you into a person crazy enough to become a rogue trader. Yeah… you’re all sligtly crazy, but don’t you worry, we’ll figure out what sort of crazy you are, and you’ll even get some cool bonuses, and who knows, maybe you’ll even start with a prosthetic leg, or a cool mutation. Anything is possible.

Now, I’ll link a big picture that’s very intimidating. Just look at it in horror, and I’ll explain it underneath.


Whoo… this is going to be a long wiki. Never mind, it’s not as daunting as it looks, since your choices will be restricted after you pick your first home planet.
For example if Anton the Astropath decides that he Hails from a Hive world. His options for Birthright (the next step) will always be the option straight below his chosen option, as well as the adjacent options, in the case of Anton that would mean that he could become a “Child of the Creed” or “In service of the Throne” (directly below hive), as well as “Stubjack” or “Unnatural Origin” (adjacent to the left), or “Savant” or “Fringe Survivor” (adjacent to the right). This method continues when moving downwards.

Step 1: Home World

Where are you from my friend, the wastes of a death world, the crowed mess that is the hive, or maybe you weren’t even born on a world, but in space?

Step 2: Birthright

In the 41st millennium, life in the Imperium often follows a set course. From birth to death, most Imperial citizens follow an immovable path towards their fate. However, some rare few are able to rise beyond their beginnings, however humble.

Step 3: Lure of the Void

Few Imperial citizens ever see beyond the narrow horizons of faith, toil, and the vicissitudes of life upon a single world. Many do not even recognize that anything lies beyond their appointed cycle of birth, service in the God-Emperor’s name for as long as they remain capable, and burial in the very place they lived all their life. Such is the price paid to keep at bay the corruptions that inevitably accompany freedom and knowledge.
Yet there are bright sparks amidst the darkness of ignorance. It is a continuing, strange miracle of human nature that from the downtrodden, planet-bound masses arise adventurous, ambitious, and sometimes twisted or rebellious souls who seek more, or have it thrust upon them by uncaring fate. It is these men and women who through endeavour, fortune, or the turning of great events strike off from their home world and set foot on a greater stage

Step 4: Trials and Travails

Rogue Trader characters are a cut above the rest of humanity. Whether by dint of sheer talent, raw energy, dark fortune, or plain will to survive, they have prospered where others have fallen and have been raised up to the status they currently hold. Such individuals are not simply the product of their background and training, but also of those experiences they have endured, experiences that have forged them into what they are where others around them were broken and destroyed.

Step 5: Motivation

When a brave soul takes his first step into the void, what he hopes to find is less important than the why. Whether motivated by burning ambition, greed, or vengeance, there is always a compelling reason that someone leaves his home world behind and ventures forth into the unknown.

Step 6: Career

Whilst your Origin Path and Characteristics are important for understanding your character, it is your Career Path that defines your character’s function within the game. Rogue TRadeR has eight Career Paths: Arch-militant, Astropath Transcendent, Explorator, Missionary, Navigator, Rogue Trader, Seneschal, and Void-master. As you play the game, your Rank within your Career Path will increase. Each increase in Rank opens doors to a host of new options, giving you the means to customise your Explorer

Step 7: Lineage

Regardless of its nature, a lineage defines the means by which an Explorer came by his current career path and learnt the methods of that trade. Some characters will have no lineage of note, their paths forged alone with no proud ancestor to guide their steps. Others may stand apart from their bloodlines, pursuing a different path than that of their antecedents. Whether a character’s lineage is noteworthy, infamous or utterly obscure is up to the player and the GM—this section is optional, and may be used or ignored as appropriate.

The Origin Path

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